About Us

Gold Hills

As dog owners we enjoy pampering our two "kids," Abigail and Dooley, with cute and loveable toys for their fun and amusement.  They seem to never tire of playing - and destroying - the fluffy, squeezable and squeaky animals, balls and other strange things we give them.

Like many pet lovers, we shop at the box pet stores, small pet boutiques and surf the net to find just the "perfect" toys for our dogs.  But we can never seem to find what we are looking for at one place. And if we have this challenge we thought that other pet owners probably did also.

So, we thought, "Why not create our own online store that would carry the things we buy for our dogs and make them - and other accessory products - available to fellow dog lovers as well?"  Thus, www.barknpaw.com was created.

Our store is a work-in-process and features pet toys and other ancillary products from leading pet manufacturers of high quality, top brand products at attractive prices. We intend to offer additional items as we discover them.

We also feature our patented dog waste pick up tool, the  Doggy Dun It® Poop Pickup Scoop, a unique device that collects poop in a tie-handle disposable bag that attaches and removes easily from the scoop while ensuring there is no waste contact with the human hand.  And we offer scented Doggy Dun It® poop pickup "Bags on a Roll" that are sized to fit our scoop and which hold loads of waste before disposal. We firmly believe that Doggy Dun It® is the better waste pick-up scoop and are confident that dog owners everywhere will agree!

Whether you are looking for  high-quality toys, dog waste pickup products, dog-themed rugs, or other cool accessories...we invite you to visit our store. And please let us know if you would like us to carry your hard-to-find pet product. Thank you for visiting www.barknpaw.com.

Wally & Lucy Nichols - Owners, Bark-n-Paw Pet Products, LLC